It is a lovely day outside, I must admit! We are here!

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I am becoming a cat. I have fun making things up and singing. I am a marble lion at the gates of a joke. What are you?

I am fully human. I like people, bicycles, small-scale agriculture, books, digesting food, pooping in a bucket, and sitting around doing nothing. I usually live in North Carolina. I'd like to hear from you so send me an email: me at

Here are some websites I enjoy.

Circle Acres - A bunch of freaks growing food and otherwise trying their best to be sulf-sufficient. They're nice.

FreeGeek - A computer reuse/recycling/education/open source advocation station based in Portland, Oregon (There may be one such organization in your area too)

Democracy Now! - A lot of news about interesting and important things not necessarily covered by the mainstream media.

Food & Water Watch - Know your intakes

Also, look mom, no hands!
a chess set
a lego computer
a wooden computer

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